About Lo Chun Kee

Lo Chun Kee, which has been established in Hong Kong for over 30 years, is a Hong Kong-based food company with a father and son relationship.
Our company mainly sells traditional preserved fruits. After the second generation took over the company.
To continue improving the quality of the products, we keep searching for the best food ingredients and bringing the freshest, healthy, delicious, high-quality and diversified products to customers.

Our products are sold to local supermarkets, speciality food stores and restaurants in the city.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us and visit our website.  


Lo Chun Kee Established

The founder sold traditional Preserved Fruits at street stalls.


In year 2018, Founder's son took over Lo Chun Kee,
adhering to the previous generation of making preserved fruits wholesales, and inviting friends to join the company, intending to make its own brands, developing its own products. 


introduced variety of healthy, tasty products from all over the world.

Lo Chun Kee Company Limited Established
In April 2020, Lo Chun Kee Co., Ltd. was established, which means the company entered to a major milestone in brand building and we are working hard to build a factory which can develop more Lo Chun Kee owned products.